PaySystem Consulting Inc.


 1. Orientation Confirmation of the basic concept of the "DK model"
Consensus in the company
Election of a project leader
Contract with an external adviser (DK model consultant)
Establishment of a project team for reforming the pay  system
 2. Assembling the basic wage data Each employee's raised wage data on the first term
Local prevailing wage of the other trade companies
 3. Analysis of the present condition External Comparison
Internal Comparison
 4. Examination of the regular pay
Adjusting the regular pay system to the company's vision
Adjusting the regular pay system to the personnel systems(sub-system)
 5. Determination of the regular pay

 6. Ranking system of each
   by Grade/Class/Number
Shifting the job assignment(Within the present post)
Guarantee of the vested rights(Within the present wage)
Ranking each employee to the nearest higher rank (or lower rank)
  Grade: Job assignment level
  Class: Job-performing ability level
  Number: Securing the living costs
 7. Adjustment and determination
   with the grading table
Internal Balance
Future adjustment plan
 8. Examination and determination of
Minimum required of allowances
 9. Making a wage table for each
Simulation of the new pay system
10. Calculation of wage resources at
   shifting the pay system from TM
   model to DK model
Decreasing pay resources at reforming wage
11. Revision of the wage rules Rules for reformed wage
12. Revision of the retirement
   payment rules
Change of the base wage rate for calculating retirement payment
13. Meeting for explaining the new
   system to the employees
All employees' participate
14. Introducing DK model into the
Practicing DK model on the wage reforming system
15. Advertising DK model within the
Explaining DK model in the employee training
Holding meetings on occasions
Printing the "DK model" article in a house journal
Making DK model advertisement video tape
16. Maintenance of the new system
   on practical use
Registering to the "PaySystem Consulting Seminar"
Contract with an external adviser etc.