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Q1 Can you make the pay system suit for our company?
Q2 Can our company get your guidance in spite of being distant from Tokyo?
Q3 I am a labor section executive in a foreign capital company in Japan. Can you hold a seminar for foreigners in foreign languages?
Q4 We are planning to introduce our own unique pay system for our company. Can we get your guidance in spite of slight differences from the DK model?
Q5 Can we get your guidance to make a personnel evaluation system and an in-house personnel regulation?
Q6 How long does it take and how much is the guidance?
Q7 I have never heard of PaySystem Consulting Inc. Do you not advertise your company?
Q8 Would you introduce to me the clients that your company has helped?

 Yes, we can. Most clients said, "We have tried various pay systems; none of them worked well. But the new pay system 'DK model' by PaySystem Consulting Inc. suits our company very much." Every company is eager to adjust and reform the pay system. However not much of the companies search a good system now. We recommend them to hold a meeting with us at first to find the pay system suiting your company. We make an original pay system for your company. Click Here to go back to the top.

A2 Of course you can. We have guided the clients not only in Japan but also in Asia, USA and Europe. We ask you to make a reservation to get our guidance three months in advance. Click Here to go back to the top.

A3 Yes, we can. We have guided American, European and Chinese companies. You can get our guidance in English, Chinese (Pekingese), French and German. Click Here to go back to the top.

A4 Yes, you can. PaySystem Consulting Inc. has been studying many cases during this quarter centuries. Through examples and experiences, we developed a unique system 'DK model' which is derived only from the successful cases. Because the third party’s input is very helpful, many large companies take our advice to introduce their own unique pay system.  Click Here to go back to the top.

A5 Of course you can. We have guided clients with quite a concrete guidance to realize the high added value management for revitalizing both a company and its employees in addition to the pay system. We try to guide clients not only to adjust and reform the pay system but also to cope with all the things regarding the wage such as the personnel evaluation system and the management-by- objectives system and the counseling. We will also introduce a specialist from the circle of our friends─Registered Management Consultant of METI, Certified social insurance & labor consultant, Certified public accountant, Tax accountant, Attorney, Financial planner, Industry counselor etc. ─ if necessary. Click Here to go back to the top.

A6 The Company itself is a leading part to adjust and improve the pay system, but you can save a cost, labor and time to introduce a new pay system by PaySystem Consulting Inc. 's guidance.
According to our over 500 client cases, it takes between 4 months to 1 year to prepare and introduce the new pay system. It depends on the degree of the preparation (especially the consensus in the company). A small company with the president’s strong leadership can introduce the system easily by shorter term.

And the cost is about 1/3 to 1/2 of the consultant's market price. Our continuous efforts for clients enable the low cost, such as cutting the cost of the office and useless materials thoroughly. If your company doesn't obtain good results, we will not get a charge. But all the clients have obtained them. We support you until you obtain them and are satisfied with the results. Our achievement is eminent through our clients' results and progresses in this quarter century. Click Here to go back to the top.

A7 We are sorry that we have not advertised enough. But the advertisement in the newspaper or TV is costly. We think it more reasonable to make the guidance charge cheaper than to advertise, so that we can offer clients high quality guidance with lower charge than that of other companies.  Click Here to go back to the top.

A8 We are sorry we cannot introduce our clients to you. As a general rule we cannot reveal the clients’ names to the public unless the clients consent. We are only an “assistant”. You can recognize our clients roughly if you participate in our "PaySystem Consulting Seminar". Our clients are all eager to pursue a better pay system.  Click Here to go back to the top.