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 Company Profile

PaySystem Consulting Inc.   : known as "Chingin Shisutemu Kenkyujo" in Japan
Established: Feb. 1976

Head Office : 2-37-12 Tamanawa, Kamakura-city, Kanagawa, 247-0071
Tel : +81 (0)467 45 9688  Fax :+81 (0)467 45 9697

Tokyo/Akasaka Office : 2-8-11 Akasaka, No.501 Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052
Tel. : +81 (0)3 3587 1524  /   0120 45 9688

Tokyo /Bunkyo Branch : 4-5-12 Kohinata, No.701 Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0006

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 Service Contents

We guide you with the better management system by mainly adjusting and reforming the pay system.
1. Reforming the pay system and the retirement pay system, and introducing DK model (a new pay system)
2. Deciding and using the internal prevailing wage, the role grade, and the job standard
3. Making and using Competency
4. Making and using of the annual pay system and the Japanese objective management system
5. Introducing Japanese version of 401k
6. Adjusting the personnel system of ISO9000 (Version 2000)
7. Adjusting the labor cost management accounting system
8. Holding "PaySystem Seminar"
9. Introducing new data resources on wage and labor
10. Examining a vocational aptitude and making a moral survey
11. Special guidance for IT (Information Technology)
12. Other management consulting

○Examples of the guidance
・Reforming the retirement pay system for a big enterprise (with about 2000 employees)
・Making the new hourly pay, daily pay, monthly pay and annual pay tables, linked with the employees for a big service enterprise (with about 800 employees)
・Sending a consultant to the study meeting of the new pay system (for executives)
・Sending a consultant to the study meeting of the new pay system (for labor union officials)
・Sending a consultant to the seminar for evaluators (for managers)
・Sending a consultant to the meeting for deciding whether to apply the annual pay to executives or not for the well achieving enterprise.
・Constructing the personnel evaluation system by the absolute employee evaluation and the wage linked to the absolute amount.
・Conducting Survey and analyzing employees' consciousness three years after introducing the new personnel evaluation system.

・Constructing and introducing the "Management system upon objective achievement" and "Competency evaluation system" for attaining the management objective
・Making the new grade role standard and the work ability requisite description for smaller-scale companies (with about 50 employees)
・Introducing "Matrix Wage Table" for medium sized building firms (with about 200 employees)
・Carrying out a financial analysis and calculating a proper employee numbers
・Planning a medium and long - term management plan
・Promoting Office Automation by using DB software for medium sized companies (with about 500 employees)

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 Contract with PaySystem Consulting Inc.

 1 Inquiry from a customer
 2 Hearing by TEL, E-MAIL or FAX (filling out the preliminary survey)
 3 Proposing an estimate and a schedule
 4 Making detailed arrangement
 5 Contracts with PaySystem Consulting Inc.
 6 "Guidance for introducing DK model"
"Guidance for making the employee evaluation system"
"Sending an adviser to an internal study group"
"Guidance for maintenance"

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President : Masahiko "Mike" Akatsu


Global Remuneration Professional (GRP certified by WorldAtWork)
Registered Management Consultant of METI (Japanese Government)
Industry Counselor
Committee member of Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (Medium and Small Enterprises Pay System Model Construct Committee)

Born in Fukuoka prefecture in Japan in 1953.
Graduated from Doshisha University (Commercial Science ).
After working with Takara in Kyoto and U.S.A., joined PaySystem Consulting Inc. Studied at UC Berkeley (Comparison between Japanese and American pay management)
Completed program for MBA at Tsukuba University (GSSM)

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